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or commonly Yannos, is a modern marketer, currently shaping the world-leading mobility-as-a-service company marketing and communications strategy, in Greece. 


Being in his early forties he has gained esteemed corporate experience of more than a decade in Marketing; Brand, Communication, Consumer and  Digital, three years in Finance, as well a couple of shorter but equally rewarding encounters with entrepreneurship. He has shaped and delivered effective strategies, coordinated, or worked with teams within notable national and international projects and has led award-winning best practices and launches - such as the introduction of smart home appliances to the local market. 


He keeps his mind engaged with entrepreneurial and consulting opportunities, and enjoys treating his loved ones to fine-cooked dinners and wine pairings, regularly demonstrating his cooking skills on his Instagram cookery blog. 

Work Experience

2024 - Today

Marketing and Communication Director

Ayvens, Greece

Societe Generale Group

Focused on driving brand equity, market share and turnover growth. Embracing phygital innovation to amplify our presence and engage with our audience in meaningful ways.
Cultivating a culture of creativity, collaboration, inclusivity and continuous learning to achieve collective goals

Member of the Board of Directors

Member of the Commercial Committee
ESG Facilitator
Electromobility Ambassador


University of Piraeus, Greece

Two-year postgraduate program, part of the School of Economics, Business and International Studies of the University of Piraeus, Greece. Recognized by the CFA Institute for embedding a significant portion of the CFA® Program Candidate Body of Knowledge™ (CBOK), including the CFA Institute Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct, into its curricula.

University of Piraeus, Greece

Four-year degree, part of School of Maritime and Industry, department that integrates business and technology. The objective of the study program is to provide students with a balanced mix of skills in management processes, economics, engineering, marketing and communicative skills.

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